As indicated in the name, the fixed interest rate is not indexed to a currency. The time and the monthly payments remain “fixed”, they are identical to the fixed rate formula offered by French rate being linear during the entire duration of the loan.

The main advantage in this type of formula, allows you to know in advance the amount of your monthly payments up to the last installment, and to organize your fixed monthly expenses.

This can nevertheless imply fees in case of early repayment. Even so, this loan formula is offered in two versions :

  • One fixed rate during the whole loan period, decided upon before the disbursement of funds.
  • A fixed rate, decided upon before the disbursement of funds and revised every X number of years, where X is decided upon at the moment of signature of the contract, you’ll have the possibility of proceeding to an early disbursement of funds, partial or to without fees.

You will be able to choose a fixed rate in shekels or in a foreign currency like the euro, the dollar or the Swiss franc.