Open a bank account in Israel serves multiple purpose as:

– Daily operations
– Transfer of funds preceding a potential real estate deal, etc…

And it also brings up a number of obstacles and questions you may have like:

– What about the language barrier?

– Which bank to choose?

– Banking fees, terms and management of the account.

– The time it takes to execute a banking operation.

We will « replace you » to get all the steps necessary to open an account in Israel taken care of:

– Without you having to travel to Israel.

– With banking rates and fees that are negotiated for you.

– That correspond to your profile and your needs.

We take care of the management, and we guarantee you total peace of mind.

After a meeting with one of our advisors, you will be sent a list of documents you’ll need to fill out and send to us, as well as instructions on how to proceed.

As soon as those documents are taken care of, Open a bank account in Israel will take care of the rest!