What constitutes a mortgage loan in Israel? mortgage loan in Israel is a loan for which the funds are destined to be used in a real estate

The loan is generally linked to a mortgage of the property you plan to acquire, but can also be a property that you already own.

Thus, your capital will be directly linked to the conditions of your loan, raising some of the following questions:

  • What bank to choose?
  • What loan formula to go with?
  • Is early repayment an option?
  • What rate will I get?

In addition to these questions that are inherent to any bank loan, in Israel you can add the language barrier and also semantics: two similar formulas in France and in Israel can have profound differences with important consequences on your capital. When you call upon the professionals at Get a Mortgage in Israel, you’re guaranteed to get the best loan possible.

After a preliminary meeting you will be asked to submit the documents that are necessary to highlight your profile and to present your loan request file to the Israeli banks.

As soon as those documents are submitted we will replace you in all your endeavors until disbursement of funds, thus giving you the assurance of:

  • The optimal loan scheme
  • The loan formula that suits you best
  • The best rate
  • Having advisors that understand your profile, your expectations and who are devoted to you.
  • Having peace of mind

Because our unique interest is your interest, call on the professionals at Get a Mortgage in!