” Our main interest is your success! “.

This sentence can be likened to a slogan straight out of an ad; however, it makes sense here at the brokerage firm “Mortgage loans in Israel”.

Indeed, the fact that the Central Bank of Israel does not allow the retrocession of commissions by the banks at any business provider, we do not perceive any remuneration other than yours.

Hence our choice for the proposal of a banking establishment over another will be motivated by one reason above all, to ensure your satisfaction as well as looking out for your interests (the best formula for the best rate), ensuring you our total devotion to your account.

For you, we are committed to the following:

  • Optimizing your assets,
  • Loan formulas matching your profile,
  • Best rates and terms,
  • Availability and Confidentiality

Calling on the professionals at “Mortgage loans in Israel”, and you can rest assured you’ll get the loan that suits you!